I teach a classical Integral Yoga Style Hatha practice that includes postures and movement, breath awareness, deep relaxation and meditation suited to your needs and desires. I guide you in a safe, structured and compassionate practice while encouraging you to learn to listen within to develop your own inner practice.

When practiced with care, guidance and awareness, Prenatal Yoga can relieve common discomforts of pregnancy such as back and hip pain, muscle stiffness, leg cramps, sciatica and varicose veins. Circulation and digestion improve. Many women find that they sleep better and are more able to find balance amidst the physical, mental and emotional changes that come with pregnancy.

My classes include a balanced flow of movement, breath, relaxation and meditation which you will be guided through with the utmost care and attention.

You will learn to tap into breath as a powerful tool to energize and calm both body and mind and reduce stress. The practices of deep relaxation and meditation will help you connect more deeply with your own inner wisdom and your baby.

Many of the postures, movements and breathing practices we do in our classes are natural to labor. You will build confidence and courage in preparation for working with the powerful energy of birth while at the same time making connections with other expectant women. Open classes for women at all stages of pregnancy.
No prior Yoga experience necessary.

I teach private classes in the Western Massachusetts area.
Please email or call me for details if you are interested in private Yoga.